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Congratulations to our winners! Here are the winning artworks!

Category 1 Winners (7 years old & below)

1st Prize - Toyota Air Bus

Exodus Q Brian (7) - Morobe Province

This is a Toyota Air Bus. It is suitable to transport to and from the airport. It is manufactured to serve all parts of PNG and it’s the fastest.

Judge’s Remark:

This is an interesting concept & instead of being used as a shuttle, it can be used for long distances. This vehicle would be most suitable for long distance travel on hi-ways all over the country. An alternative to flying in planes. I believe a bus of this nature can be built in the future.

2nd Prize - Toyota Dream Car

Achim Wesley (6) - Milne Bay Province

My dream car has a siren and has plenty of space for my friends and me. In the future, I wish my school has a bus to pick my friends, especially living in the rural area so that they can come to school on time.

Judge’s Remark:

Achim is portraying the use for mobility in rural PNG to connect us.

3rd prize - Fairy Car

Scholastika I Sanga (4) - Port Moresby

Fairy cars are cars that are very colorful and of all different shapes and sizes. Most have rainbow colors and are fun to drive on land and can also fly.

Judge’s Remark:

This is such a positive & happy concept. It has such a vibe. This is a concept that represents an ideal world of the possibility of child-like bliss. The use of drone technology to drive/power single/twin passenger crafts, that can come in handy in crowded or overpopulated metropolis.


1st Prize - The Kundu Bus

Chelsea A Pombo (8) - Port Moresby

My school bus design is inspired by the shape of the kundu drum. It takes education to children who live in rural places. It can fly and is powered by the sun.

Judge’s Remark:

I love this concept. The size of the schools bus, solar powered – can run on accessible roads and fly to inaccessible places. May possibly be flown using similar technology to a helicopter, drone or hover craft. This type of vehicle can be parked in any space.

2nd Prize - Carbonator

Elizabeth N Naisy (11) - Port Moresby

My dream car cleans the air and cleans rubbish on land and sea.

Judge’s Remark:

Excellent! Providing Air Purification and collects rubbish on land and in the ocean. How Wonderful, with extendable arms/claws that can be manovered. This can be driven on land and float on water.

3RD PRIZE - The Pencil Limo

Luciana Auram (11) - Port Moresby

The Pencil Limo is a stylish creative school bus that encourages children to work harder in school.

Judge’s Remark:

I love the understanding of how hard work can take you in life.


1st Prize - Toyota Argonaut

James Tara (15) - Port Moresby

The Toyota Argonout is a heavy-duty car customized for difficult road condition. Therefore, it can deliver you to your destination with its back-up solar panel and strong body. It is made especially for poor road condition.

Judge’s Remark:

Very well thought through. Wonderfully drawn & very innovative.

2nd Prize (13) - The Wave Rider

Emersyn Geo - Port Moresby

Thy Wave Ridder is a car that submerges in the ocean and helps keep our ocean and sea floor clean of the rubbish and pollution. I am passionate about our environment and know my dream will help heal our planet earth.

Judge’s Remark:

Visionary – can be driven on land to bodies of water makes it have more accessibility to achieving its tasks/purposes.

3rd Prize - Solar Car

Nina-May Grant (15) - Port Moresby

A vehicle that runs on solar is better than vehicle that uses fuel. This helps with less burning of carbon dioxide. This protects human health and environmental eco systems, prevents global warming and we can save for future use.

Judge’s Remark: 

Nina-May loves many aspects of living in a sustainable way.

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