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Entry Period

Now Open!
  • Competition Deadline January 31st 2023
  • Incomplete entries & entries submitted after the deadline will be considered in-valid.
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Target Applicant

Children aged 15 years old and younger.

  1. Category 1:  7 years old and younger.
  2. Category 2: 8 – 11 years old.
  3. Category 3: 12 – 15 years old.


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How To Enter

  • Download the entry form on the website or pick up a copy at your nearest Ela Motors Dealership nation- wide.
  • Submit the completed entry form along with your drawing with the title “Toyota Dream Car Contest” either by;
  1. Drop it off at your nearest dealership or to Pom Head Office – Badili
  2. Post Mail to P.O.Box 74 Port Moresby
  3. Color scan and email to

Terms & Conditions Apply

15th Dream Car Contest Winners!

Category 1 Winners


Marena Han - 6 | Port Moresby

Title: Nature Bug 

My Dream Car helps to watch our nature and collects information to improve the environment to help save the forests and animals.

Judge’s Comment:

The drawing is unique and fanciful, with the child even considering a way the car could improve the future. The environment that the car would be attempting to improve is featured in the artwork.


Jeredain John Wayia - 7 | Port Moresby

Title: Monster Truck

My dream car is a monster truck. it has big wheels and it is red and black in colour.

Judge’s comment:

Well drawn and really fantastic perspective for a 7 year old.


Johaness Lalai - 4 | Port Moresby

Title: My Dream Car -Everest

My dream car is a green 5 door car with dark glasses. It is an auto vehicle. My dream car is in good running condition. It is a diesel fuel car.

Judge’s Comment:

It is very well drawn and beautifully colored in. This child very clearly wants an Everest.



Sieki Bray - 11 | Port Moresby

Title: Nature’s School Mobil

My dream car is a giant school Mobil with tank treads that can take education and learning to remote and inaccessible locations. This will give children in these places the opportunity to learn.

Judge’s Comment:

Awesome drawing! Unique and innovative idea for a car that serves an educational purpose for future betterment of children while catering to the child-like sense of adventure and wonder.


Xytonyth Gilson - 11 | Alotau

Title: Seayota XIIVI

My dream car is a sea car which transforms into a boat when on sea and on land turns into a car. It is powered by solar and not patrol so it does not pollute the environment.

Judge’s Comment:

Great drawing. Child has really considered how the boat-car will look and has factored in the impact on the environment.


Isabella Mark - 8 | Lae

Title: My Plane Car

My plane car – I can travel everywhere I want by road, fly over the mist mountain or across the blue ocean where no road link connect.

Judge’s Comment:

The plane-care simply supports the child’s wonder and thirst for adventure.



BRENDON OWEN OVO - 15 | Port Moresby

Title: Water Buffalo V8 Cruiser

My dream car will be wide and strong and built tough like a buffalo, able to travel through the rugged terrains and water bodies of PNG without the need for a bridge. It has 8 pistons and deployable propellers and wheels that act as floaters when travelling through water.

Judge’s Comment:

Well drawn and colored in, complete with Toyota badges and an illustration on how the tires would sit when the car is submerged. Snorkels were considered too for the engine. The description is detailed and the cars purpose is child-like and not politically or socially motivated, it’s not trying to fix the world, it’s just a cool car.

2nd Prize Winner

Luisa Edwards - 12 | Port Moresby

Title: Toyota Transforming Cleaner

It is a multi-cleaning transforming tools car that operates on the sea and land to provide a safe place in the marine environment. It has a transforming machine that controls and has other cleaning equipment and tools that are suitable to clean the ocean by cleaning, picking up rubbish and solving pollution issues that damages the marine and also recycles and reuses.

Judge’s Comment:

This car is very car-like in appearance, the drawing is well illustrated and detailed. The child is very fixated on how the car can be used to clean the ocean and better the lives of marine animals which provokes some emotion.


Bingebiang Tomagao - 15 | Goroka

Title: Toyota Drone Van

My dream car has a drone attached on the roof. The car has its own battery and controller. When it is turned on, the propellers comes out of the roof and the car flies. The drone can also be considered as an aid for the car during difficult times the car face.

Judge’s Comment:

Cool drawing, the child is very clearly a skilled artist. This is a unique idea in itself.


Previous Artwork Winners around the Pacific Region

2018 Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Winner

Papua New Guinea


“ This trip was a blessing to our lives.  I will never forget this wonderful event, which has an impact on my life to study hard and go overseas to further my education.”

2018 Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Winner



“ Travelling to Japan was a dream come true.

I did not even think that my love for drawing would take me to another country. I am forever grateful to Asco Motors and Toyota for a memorable trip!

2019 Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Winner

Solomon Islands


“  I was not expecting to win but to share my idea and my dream car to the world.  I was so surprised when they announced that I was the winner!

I got the chance too see Japan and experience the culture. I will never forget that experience so I want to pass it on to you, my fellow artists.

Take the Chance now, Draw your Dream and Drive the Future!”

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